Alex Staniforth specialises in working with Leadership and Exceptional Talent in high performing environments. Through his unusual combination of business experience and Zen practice, he enables a powerful process of insight and lasting, generative awareness for his clients that is both challenging and collaborative. 

Alex sees change and growth as happening in the ‘here and now’ and holds that individuals have an inherent urge to live as effectively as possible. His interest is in developing awareness, compassion and self-adaptation as a means to better respond to and interact with the anxiety latent in this developmental process. He is currently writing a book provisionally titled ‘Dull Whites & Brighter Shades of Grey’ an exposé of control, value and moral ethics through a fictional narrative. It will be available in late 2021. 

A Zen meditator and critical thinker, Alex is particularly known for his grounded approach to enabling challenging personal enquiry. His specialty is working with those who are intellectually strong, highly self reliant, leading high performing lives, sceptical about the value of coaching and with a basic level of self enquiry and curiosity.

Prior to interpersonal work, Alex had experience in Ernst & Young and a Venture Capital & Private Equity firm. He has a BSc (Hons) in Finance and has trained and qualified with the Academy of Executive Coaching, an ICF accredited organisation. He is a Member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council and the Institute of Directors, London. He also mentors individuals with low confidence and is part of a Zen Buddhist community. 

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