We believe  value  resides in people and their ability to be resilient and connected in face of pressure and uncertainty

Unsettled times, unsettled minds

Our species has a conflicted relationship with change. When change comes, we desire control, certainty and security to avoid the anxiety latent in this process. 


Yet newness is what brings life its flavour. Connections, experiences, reflections... all available to us all when we decide to act with a blend of courage and humility to venture into the unknown. 

Change will always come and so it's in the honesty of our response to the present situation that we can lead more open, effective and meaningful lives.

Developing this potential is our speciality. 


Resilience focused

Change brings with it immense opportunity for growth. Yet navigating a seemingly ever changing landscape can feel overwhelming, pressured and uncertain.


Anxiety, defensiveness, stress, depression, fear, anger, accusation and extreme tension are all consequences of this process. This is fertile territory for crucial relationships to come under strain.

Our capability is in helping you work with that anxiety through powerful interventions; enabling a path of sustainable and effective change.


Our capabilities

As coaches, consultants, facilitators and mentors, we enable our clients to lead with radical empathy and inner resilience to develop and maintain the powerful relationships that keep their lives and businesses in sync.

Our interventions are based on our fundamental belief that individuals have an inherent urge to live as effectively as possible. 


Our work is strongly informed by well tried-and-tested methods and draws upon our own research, insights and experiences as well as a range of third-party research.


"I was very impressed with Alex's approach. He is warm, open and a deeply grounded presence"                                                     D.K., Partner at Ernst & Young

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