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27/03/2020 Review: Shadow work; home; finding firm ground; traders on uncertainty #6

How do we respond to change? Fear: biological, psychological? Something in between... Mark Douglas on how traders face uncertainty. Finding ground and compassion in chaos. Leaning into fear and the shadow. Gaston Bachelard on poetics of space.

13/03/2020 Review: Non-violent communication' gestalt cycle of experience; fake smiles; the happiness curve #5

How do we respond to change? The universal happiness curve. Making sense of subtle signs and observations. Authenticity vs radical honesty. Fake smiles and integrity. How do founders choose which advice to listen to?

28/02/2020 Review: Safe & unsafe certainty; supply chains under threat; equality; authentic communication #4

How do we respond to change? Safe and unsafe certainty in a world of uncertainty. The markets respond to COVID-19. What do we mean by equality? Getting good sleep. The importance of authentic communication in leadership and some stretches for back pain. 

14/02/2020 Review: Future of work; somatic memory; boundaries; joy in darkness; old school poetry #3

How do we respond to change? Pwc outlook on workforce of 2030, David Rooke and William Torbert on leadership; how the body holds onto trauma with Bessel Van Der Kolk. Why the darkness is nothing to fear. Boundaries: what they are and how to develop them. 

31/01/2020 Review: Diaphragmatic breathing; Ray Dalio economic outlook; death and endings; surveillance tech #2

How do we respond to change? Ray Dalio on the next paradigm shift. Thoughts on endings and continuity from other cultures. Explore the moral implication of compassion vs rational benevolence. Learning to breath well.

17/01/2020 Review: Development; Kolb learning cycle; brain lateralisation; being and doing #1

How do we respond to change? Esko Kilpi writes on human development in the 21st Century. We explore a conversation between Iain McGilchrist and Jonathon Rowson on brain lateralisation and 'trueness' of perception. Mary Oliver reads Wild Geese for us.