Coaching is the art of deep listening, support and challenge.


Instead of seeking to change you, we instead work with your strengths to raise your awareness, allowing you to take authorship for your developmental process.

Without self awareness, you are highly unlikely to know what work to do, resulting in any action you do take being unfocused, unintentional and much more effort both in the present and in the long run.

When you choose to take responsibility for your life instead of seeking for external answers, you tap into a new realm of ease, creativity and flow.

The work is simple, but not easy. This is the path of sustainable change.

Resilience Coaching

A bespoke coaching program designed to bring authorship of your life back into your hands. Guiding principles of this approach are patience, empathy and honesty.

This offering is suitable for those with some self-awareness wishing to develop themselves in service of their whole life quality and relationships within.

Sessions are outcome focused and client led.


Zen Coaching

A non-traditional, highly effective process, zen coaching focuses almost exclusively on what is going on in the present moment, allowing you to gain lasting generative awareness of the best way to be.


It is a simple, highly effective process useful for those suffering from overthinking, anxiety, distractibility, anger and burnout. This approach may also suit those who are comfortable with a more fluid style.

Sessions are what you need them to be in the moment.


Integration Coaching

More commonly known as shadow work or polarity integration, this program is geared at those ready to step into their full potential and own their shit.

Core principles of this approach include humility, gratitude and compassion. This program is recommended for those with a solid self-development practice.

Programs are outcome focused and client led.

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