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What Hurry?

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished” - Lao Tsu

While not a direct translation, this quote means that by following the course of nature - or our natural integrated existence - all will be as it is meant to be.

This may sound quite meaningless in a nonchalant/esoteric way, but there is deeper meaning here that often gets overlooked.

I draw particular emphasis to ‘hurry’ and ‘accomplishment’.

We might think of an accomplishment as the positive sensation of work done. Work done being mental, emotional, physical or spiritual action.

When work is done, we feel complete.

This is the natural course of a fully complete loop of experience.

Yet this loop is not always completed.

Sometimes we get impatient, frustrated, and hurry along the process - cheating ourselves of the real learning that a completion of said experience might offer us. We think we’re being oh so clever avoiding responsibility for our actions that we lose sight of reason.

But know this: if you select to shortcut your life, expect too your development to be cut short.

Signs of unfinished work can include impatience, indifference, lack of contact, little real release and confusion. These are not signs to be ignored lightly.

This is the kind of hurry Lao Tsu warns us of.

In order to learn from and ‘accomplish’ that which an experience makes available to us, we must not hurry.

Instead, we might take slower, more considered steps. Raising awareness of all that a current experience is offering us.

“No hurry, no pause” - Jenny Sauer-Klein

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