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Thoughts on Projection

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself’ - Rumi

Projection is the psychological term describing the behaviour of judging in world what we judge in ourselves.

A person with anger inside expresses anger externally. A person with fear inside expresses fearful behaviours externally. A person with love inside expresses love to others.

If we make a moral judgement that to be loving is of greater value than being angry - we might tend towards trying to invite more love into our lives.

Yet this is often easier said than done - for it is only with an awareness and acceptance of our darker self-talk that we can begin to mend and strengthen connections with our whole selves. This is a prerequisite of deeper love.

An issue arises in that it can be challenging to want to love a part of self we’ve rejected. We may instead turn to healing ourselves vicariously through healing world instead. A great amount of effort can be exerted in such pursuits, but they bring only momentary and mostly illusory gain.

Before we might help the world, we're better off finding resolution within.

The wonderful thing about projection is that it offers us a glimpse into the causes of our sufferings. What we see outside, we’re likely holding onto within. It’s a gift in disguise.

In order for us to be compassionate with ourselves, we first need to look at our triggers and notice our responses to them. This is the first step toward an integrated love for self.

From here, we move onto acceptance and then action - no rush.

Start with the first step.


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