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Safety is Valuable

“If you want to change the world, start by making people feel more safe”

When we feel unsafe, our fight, flight, freeze, fuck brains go awol - we return to our survival instincts to the detriment of our normal functioning.

A byproduct of this can be a tendency to overthink through narrow vision.

In this state, people see competition (violence of difference), experience heightened feelings of self-importance and suffer from exhaustion.

This shows up in many ways - emotional, spiritual, physical, physiological.

In this state we're temporarily blinded by an inability to realise a safer, more collected reality due to excess attention directed toward a perceived need to survive.

People in this place are in need of de-excitation - that is, the coming back to an equilibrium state of calm.

Calm people are more open.

They’re relaxed because they feel safe - finding comfort in the knowledge others too are relaxed.

These people also find value in sharing - knowing others will share similarly unique experiences and that sharing in safety always serves to release and relax.

In this state people find it much easier to collaborate and cooperate.

Safe people make others feel safe.

We can return to levels of safety simply by bringing awareness back into ourselves - asking of ourselves questions like - how can I nourish myself? what is it I'm running from? What is it I fear?

While the initial awareness may be generated in this meditative process, professional help is often advised in undertaking this work.

When we choose to honour the highest self in ourselves and others, a lighter, more playful side to self is able to emerge.

When we choose to attend to our safeness over our fears, we’re able to breathe fresh breaths, feel more connected in the present and be who we want to be.

It starts with safety.

The rest flows from here - contagious like a golden smile.

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