a collection of words that came and went - below are the ones i captured, or rather, them me


the sky is wet

walkway obscured by concrete lakes

i am so purposeful to avoid

these pools of potential

inviting the fool to play

i am so purposeful 

am i so purposeful

open to humility 

and so too

to joy 


division is many things

a conflict, a dance, a necessity? perhaps

at its core, division is the space between two forces that have yet to come into contact 

division is the tension of unfinished dialogue

tension that manifests across all levels of matter

from the time line of a planet as it degrades and transforms

expressing as the intense suspension between lion and springbok

to our self-identity

what we express and repress of ourselves


the beginning of a deeper conversation


i'm just going for a walk

to do nothing more than walk

i'm going to walk

to spend time in conversation with my steps 

i'm going for a walk

for no other reason than to walk

momentum in each stride

weight of me held by earth

transferring from foot to foot

i am walker


now to put on my shoes


what is pain but expression left unshared


forgiveness is 

removing the knife from your back

that shard you could not accept


not using it on anyone else


cradled in blood


replace with needle

stitching sorrows with tender care

though it hurts

its razor precision 

though it hurts


now i'm just following a line

a thought i thought was mine