Alex is a Partner at PresentSense. Prior to interpersonal work, he had experience in Venture Capital & Private Equity and a 'Big 4' Accounting Firm. Having personally felt the powerful positive effects of mindfulness at a challenging point in his life, he trained as an executive coach and integrated his style with a zen approach. This is PresentSense. 

Sue Holland is a Partner at PresentSense. She has deep experience of working developmentally with individuals and groups in the ‘here and now’ spanning 25 years. First as a leader within Unilever and since 1999 as an executive coach and facilitator of change. Her practice is informed by many things with Gestalt as the centre of gravity.

Tim Segaller is a Partner at PresentSense. He is an executive coach and mindfulness trainer, specialising in helping leaders and teams to stay resilient, inspired and connected in the face of complex pressures and demands. His distinctive mindfulness-based approach enables people to cut through complex layers of leadership and management theory and to access deeper resources of clarity, wellbeing and resolve for meeting tough challenges with ease and enjoyment. 

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