alex is a self proclaimed generalist. his background ranges from derivatives trading to developmental meaning-making. he experiences individuals and systems as fluid entities, seeing snags and stagnation as incomplete gestalt rather than fixed states. as such, alex is interested in how our species attaches, detaches and relates to non-self entities. through holding space to reflect, challenge and support, alex enables others to deepen their reflective capabilities 

clear thinking and somatic enquiry. we are not as rational as we may like to believe. in each of us lies a blend of unchallenged paradoxes, hidden desires and hypocrisies. left unaddressed, these parts of self work to undermine our potency in the world preventing us from meaningful contact. our work, if we chose to engage with it, is to better relate with our whole self through courageous and vulnerable enquiry. click here

developmental conversation


a process for clarity, stillness and intention. it is both simple and hard. the type of guided meditation on offer is based on zen philosophy and presence. these sessions are available for all free of charge - no prior experience required. attend as many or as few as you like. click here