developmental conversation

every organism treads a balance between chaos and stagnation - a process known as homeostasis which we attain through the fulfilment of our psycho-physiological needs. a figure forms, arises, is met, satisfied and fades; replaced by a new dominant figure - we are constantly making creative adjustments to our contexts. this is the gestalt cycle of experience

through this cycle, ones flow of meaning making follows a path similar to adult psychological development. from impulsive urges, to diplomatic agreements, to developing expertise, to excelling in that expertise, to realising the limits of that expertise, to acknowledging the systemic nature of things, to working with the systemic nature of things. the rabbit hole of perception is always as deep as you wish to pursue - and then a little deeper

alex staniforth

i'm an artist who graduated from durham university in finance. my passion is meaning making and enabling meaningful contact in others. it is my joy to accompany developmentally inclined people through their processes

conversations i offer are based on the paradoxical theory of change - we make sustainable change when we become more ourselves, not when we try to be something we are not. the premise is simple, the process is hard. through our time together we will work on developing awareness, compassion and self-adaptation as a means to better respond to and interact with the anxiety latent in the developmental process

i'd recommend a call with me before we work together as this will allow you to get a better sense of me, and for me to gauge the suitability of what i can offer you