conversations i offer are based on the paradoxical theory of change. we make sustainable change when we become more ourselves, not when we try to be something we are not. the premise is simple, the process is hard. through our time together we will work on developing awareness, compassion and self-adaptation as a means to better respond to and interact with the anxiety latent in the developmental process

every organism treads a balance between chaos and stagnation - a process known as homeostasis which we attain through the fulfilment of our psycho-physiological needs. in gestalt, there are two causes of need. an external disturbance (a demand made upon us) or an internal disturbance (a building of energy sufficient to mobilise striving for gratification of contact). needs arise in a continual dialogue on the self-environment boundary. enquiry into the relationships that arise on this boundary are the content of our work together

benefits of working in this way include greater confidence, increased bandwidth to navigate and interact with uncertainty, greater accountability in your life along with many others

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