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PresentSense 2019  is a trading name of Present Sense Coaching Ltd and is registered in England and Wales under Company Registration No. 11807735 


Meaningful connections are the single most valuable things we have in our lives. A strong sense of community beats any material possession. Without such bonds, we'd find ourselves spiralling into nihilism, depression, excessive consumption and resentment.


PresentSense is about forging, maintaining and developing such connection with self all the while deepening our connection with others. 


Through a selection of meditation groups, personal development space and silent retreats, we aim to offer such experiences that leave you connected, curious and whole. 

Group Meditation

A practice for loosening the grip of those inner critics, judgements and chatterings. Group meditation is a contemplative, secular practice allowing you the space to simply be yourself in the company of others. 

We run a few different types of meditation ranging from silent (zazen) through to mindful walking and body scans. 

No prior experience necessary.



Personal Development


Increasingly popular in high functioning teams, personal development spaces allow us to explore and be curious about how we connect with and relate to others in the present.

Guiding tenets for our time might include self-responsibility, listening, non-judgement, sharing and compassion.


Silent Retreats

In need of a break from it all? Wanting to further your self development practice? 

Our silent retreats are available for those looking for some down time to deepen their introspective practice in a quiet environment. 

Retreats include an upfront and after care call, lodging, food, meditations, optional walks and mindful meals. Most of the time is spent in blissful silence.